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Results for the week - Oct 29, 2016 to Nov 4, 2016

Sat Oct 29Sun Oct 30Mon Oct 31Tue Nov 1Wed Nov 2Thu Nov 3Fri Nov 4
1:00 PM
The Bocchness M...2
TBD (Colette's ...0
2:00 PM
Boocced Lobotom... 
We All Touch Ba... 
3:00 PM
Bourbon Balls 
Shark Sandwich 
12:00 PM
Bocce Underachi... 
Veni Vidi Bocce... 
1:00 PM
The Israelites 
The Droids 
2:00 PM
CSH Bocce Club 
The Notorious B... 
3:00 PM
Roll Models 
4:00 PM
Bochkin's Disea... 
Little Le Bocce... 
7:00 PM
Paging Dr. Awes... 
8:00 PM
Watch Your Ball... 
Great White Buf... 
9:00 PM
The Blind Bocce... 
Bocce Underachievers660012955441
The Droids63309816219
The Israelites633095561-6
Bochkin's Disease633095770-13
Veni Vidi Bocce 44008623428
Roll Models5320864568
The Notorious B.O.C.C.E.615074481-37
CSH Bocce Club514065974-15
Little Le Bocce Urban Acheivers 404043371-38

The Blind Boccelis43107533716
Balls Deep4220642402
Boccelism 32105473314
Cobra Kai32105453312
Watch Your Balls3210549472
Great White Buffalo303031342-29
Paging Dr. Awesome202021933-14

Shark Sandwich44018562432
Bourbon Balls43107623131
Boocced Lobotomies 43107392712
The Bocchness Monsters4220629281
We All Touch Balls211232228-6
TBD (Colette's team)11062070-70

News: The Winter '13 Bocce Season is in play.
Posted by Kyle Fitzpatrick, Posted: Wed Aug 28, 2013

To stay updated about signups for the next season, please subscribe to our mailing list here
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News: The Summer 2013 Season is in play.
Posted by Kyle Fitzpatrick, Last Updated: Thu May 23, 2013

To stay updated about signups for the next season, please subscribe to our mailing list here

News: Floyd & Union Hall Summer Bocce Leagues!!
Posted by Kyle Fitzpatrick, Last Updated: Mon Aug 3, 2015

There is still space available on the Floyd Saturday division as well as the Floyd and Union Hall Sunday divisions. To join, please email kyle@cityfarmny.com ASAP as space is limited!  
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A Tribe Called Bocce
Team photo album for Pallino's Balls
Added Wed Aug 28, 2013

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